Commercial Rubber Roofing Services Nashua NH

Commercial roofing in Nashua, NH often calls for flat roofs, which are generally foreign to New Hampshire homeowners. In New Hampshire, we’re all used to seeing steeply slanted roofs that ward off the weight and damage of our cold seasons.

However, commercial buildings have a different set of needs. A commercial rubber roof can ensure your building’s safety and protect your employees from common roofing issues such as leaks.

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    Flat Roof Construction Nashua

    Flat roof systems often rely on a construction method that involves layering different support systems and barriers. Generally, we will start with the already constructed ceiling, implement joists, create a vapor barrier and insulation, lay down a roof board, and then apply the rubber roofing materials.

    Flat roof construction can be time-consuming, but because our teams work together, we can complete big jobs in a reasonable time frame.

    Commercial Roofing Contractors Nashua

    epdm roof contractor nashua

    Not all roofing contractors can handle the same jobs. Flat roof construction often calls for specialized experts to take over the project. If you know that you need commercial rubber roofing services, make sure you’re working with a rubber roofing contractor.

    EPDM Rubber Roofing Nashua NH

    For Commercial Properties

    EPDM roofing uses synthetic rubber material called ethylene-propylene-diene-terpolymer. This is a highly durable material used in commercial or low-slope buildings, and the material comes from oil and natural gas. It’s available and white or black and in various thicknesses to best suit the building.

    EPDM is our top rubber roofing material of choice because of its durability and lifespan. The material can last for decades with proper maintenance and general minor repairs. EPDM roofing in Nashua, NH, has made quite a splash as commercial building owners have finally found a desirable material for flat roofing.

    To learn more about EPDM options and flat roofing commercial services, contact Nashua Rubber Roofing Experts. Our experts can help you, and all you need to do is complete our simple contact form. If you’d rather talk to a person and get help right away, call our offices directly.